The Dead Good Cafe, at CMH.

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10 May 2017
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South Central
Contact Name: Deb Wilkes, Nurse
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Countess Mountbatten House
Countess Mountbatten House
SO30 3JB
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10 am - 1pm
A morning for ALL who work (paid or unpaid)  with people with Palliative Care / End of Life needs.
Come to whichever bits you can, or stay for the morning. It'll be good to see you.
Timed Talks - all with plenty of Q&A and sharing time.
10.15 - Jackie is an Admiral Nurse, used to talking to people about important conversations, when they may be experiencing memory loss.
10.45 Rosie works for the charity The Natural Death Centre. A great resource for all who would like to know a little more about what they can and can't do, when someone has died.
11.15 Victoria works for the Hampshire charity, Simon Says. She will be talking about how we can all help support parents / guardians answer those tricky questions that kids ask. Also - how we can help include those kids, when they are visiting a relative in hospital / hospice /home. How we make sure we don't forget them.
She will be bringing a crafty project that we can all add to.
11.45 Karen is one of our UHS Chaplains. She will be helping us in how we can explore a patients' spiritual world - what it means, why it is important and why it doesn't have to be that difficult.
She will bring with her a contemplative roll out Labyrinth, we can walk on. Hopefully in the sun.
Donna from the local Palliative Care Team (Community)  Ashley (Carers Together), Mel (Marie Curie) as well as members of other CMH Teams will be there to talk about what they do locally, and how we can make End Of Life Care more person centred. A chance to have a look around the Hospice & grounds too.
The Elephant in The Room has been at many Deathly events - he will be there again, and may need a bit of decorating makes you realise that 'doing something' and talking , is often much easier than sitting down one to one, and expecting to have to talk. Get out the paints and glitter.
Take away a copy of the famous poem.
The 'Do Before I Die' Board, will be there, to contemplate life, death and the bits in between, with plenty of chalk!
No need to book, but email if more info needed, or a parking permit for the Rose Bowl.
PLEASE PARK OFF SITE due to our car parks being mainly closed - plenty of local empty roads 

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