#BereavedAtXmas - Tony and Dorothy's experience

28 January 2015

Dying Matters and end of life care champions Tony and Dorothy Bonser spent Christmas at home for the first time since their son, Neil, died six years ago. Tony describes the experience, and how #BereavedAtXmas helped. 

#BereavedAtXmas - Kate's experience

28 January 2015

Kate Ibbeson, founder of the support group Sheffield Cancer Mafia, blogs about how the #BereavedAtXmas initiative came about and the varied range of people who linked in to support it.

#BereavedAtXmas - Steven's experience

28 January 2015

Steven Piatczanyn, pictured wearing an electroencephalography (EEG) cap, is a PhD psychology researcher at the University of Liverpool researching gay bereavement and men's lives. He talks about his experience of co-hosting the Twitter chat #BereavedAtChristmas on Christmas Day.

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